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Tungsten Electrodes for TIG Welding
We have several types Tungsten electrodes for TIG welding, Cerium-Tungsten Electrodes, Thorium-tungsten Electrodes, Lanthanum tungsten Electrodes, Zirconium tungsten Electrodes and others.
1) WCe20 Cerium-Tungsten Electrode has good starting arc performance, low melting rate, long welding life, it is mainly used for welding under the condition of low current.
2) WT10, WT20, WT30, WT40 Thorium-tungsten Electrode operates well even when overload with extra amperage, it is used for DC applications.
3) WL10, WL15, WL20 Lanthanum tungsten Electrode can be able to bear high current and have the lowest burn-lost rate, it is a popular tungsten electrodes in the circle of welding.
4) WZr8 Zirconium tungsten Electrode has good corrosion resistance and good performance in AC welding.
Specification: 0.5-12.0mm diameter, L=150, 175mm or according to the customer's request.