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Tomahawk® handheld plasma cutters deliver fast cut speeds, optimal cut performance, and durability. The result is a superior cut with minimal dross which minimizes the need for a secondary finishing operation.

Our line of CNC plasma cutting tables are unitized systems making them some of the most reliable and robust cutting tables on the market. Industries such as agriculture, construction, vehicle customization, and general fabrication can order a wide range of table sizes from 4×4 to 5×20. These machines are also available for education, with a full curriculum to benefit your students.​

Flexcut® mechanized plasma cutters set a new industry standard in both consumable life cycle and metal cutting speed. Flexcuts are the most efficient plasma cutters in the industry with a superior cut quality.

Lincoln Electric manufactures a line of CNC pipe profiling and cutting machines that stem from the expertise of a company that has been manufacturing them since 1930. The product line was built around a wide range of applications, with two main product lines handling pipe diameters from one inch to over 60 inches, and weights from 10 pounds to 50,000 pounds.


Spirit® II high current density plasma cutting and marking systems feature FineLine™ cutting technology with UltraSharp™ Hole Technology and deliver unequaled performance in cut quality at lower costs. Exceptional cut quality lasts over consumable life.


The PythonX Structural Fabrication System​ is a robotic plasma system that automatically processes beams, channels, angles, sqaure and rectangular tube as well as plate, all on one machine from your drawings. The PythonX can produce AISC approved bolt holes, copes, slots, cutouts, cut to length, miter cut, produce T-Beams, and scribe part/layout marks all in one place. CNC robotics and high definition plasma cutting systems are equipped with sophisticated software.


Burny shape cutting controllers, Burny LCD Plus, the Phantom II and Phantom ST II​, are designed for use with multiple axis cutting machines and integrate with most cutting processes, including: plasma, oxyfuel, and waterjet. Motion controls produce precise and repeatable cut parts with excellent cut quality and high productivity.


Retrofit your older, less efficient shape cutting machines with Burny shape cutting controllers and Spirit II precision plasma systems with FineLine™ High Definition Technology to improve cut quality, increase throughput, and eliminate costly secondary processing. Extend the life of existing equipment without making a six figure investment.


Accessories for Tomahawk® plasma cutters include torches and genuine consumables such as assemblies for nozzles, retaining caps, electrode assemblies, shield caps, and swirl rings.  ​


Genuine consumables for plasma torches include assemblies for nozzles, inner and outer retaining caps, electrode assemblies, shield caps, and swirl rings. Order plasma torch consumables online.