The Basic Guide To The Many Welding Styles And Processes

Welding is one of the earliest forms of tool construction, done without many favourable approaches in the past, but as time went by, we progressed, enhancing many styles and techniques. It already has a variety of styles, the most popular of which are: 1) Gas Metal Arc Welding : It is abbreviated as GMAC or MIG as it is also referred to as Metal inert gas. This technique has electrodes made up of thin wires, its working process includes heating up [...]

Why Titanium Or Aluminium Wires Are Essential For The Aerospace Industry?

AluminiumIn The Aerospace Industry   Did you know that aluminium accounts for 75-80% of the weight of a modern aircraft?   Aluminum has a long and illustrious history in the aerospace industry. Aluminum was really utilised in aviation before aeroplanes were even invented. The frames of Count Ferdinand Zeppelin’s famed Zeppelin airships were made of aluminium in the late nineteenth century.   In their early-model Flyer plane, the Wright brothers employed a steel engine, which was not only heavy but also lacked the power required [...]

TIG vs MIG – Which Welding Process Is The Best For Your Business?

TIG vs MIG – Which Welding Process Is The Best For Your Business?   Welding is a fabrication procedure that uses heat and/or pressure to make a strong junction between two pieces of material. Different welding processes are used by industry professionals to generate the appropriate assemblies, depending on the part and manufacturing criteria. MIG and TIG welding are two of the most often utilized welding technologies.   It’s an age-old dispute, MIG welding vs TIG welding – Which is superior? Which one [...]

All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel TIG Wire

All You Need To Know About Stainless Steel TIG Wire   To ensure simplicity of use and consistency, the stainless steel TIG welding wire  from Shivshakti Metal is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Our stainless steel TIG wire complies with EN 14343 and AWS A5.9 requirements, as well as the company’s ISO 9001 certification.   The low carbon percentage of this extra-low carbon stainless steel filler wire makes it ideal for welding Stainless Steel grades since it decreases the risk of intergranular [...]